Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Events.


Vintage Lady Open House
Fall & Christmas
Saturday, October 8 // 10am - 5pm

Other Events:
Glitterfest // Saturday, October 15
Tustin Art Walk // Saturday, October 22
Flea Market // Sunday, October 23
*The Vintage Lady will be open during all events
Monday Night Shopping Parties // 4-8pm
-Preview our newest shipments
-Enjoy a "snack feast"
-Buy desserts from Cindy's bakery

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Gardener's Prayer
Because of Adam's curse, we toil
It's hard to make a living
The weeds are out to choke us
So thick and unforgiving
O' Lord, I yearn for Eden
The balance so perfect there
Every thing lush and abundant
Grown with Your utmost care
As I'm sowing seeds of faith
Working my earthly plot
Teach me the truths you have this day
What's important, what's not
Every garden takes patience
Work and devotion as well
I'll be weeding and watching for miracles,
that You show, I'll tell!
- Cathy Jarrell
fall2011_vl6 DSC_0578copysmaller DSC_0639copysmaller fall2011_vl4 DSC_0547copysmaller


  1. Everything is so lovely! i can't wait to drop by and see this in person! Love your store! You always bless me so much! Happy Fall!

  2. I hope to make it up that way soon. Beautiful photos and I love the Gardeners Prayer...Happy Fall to you! :))
    I will be at GLITTERFEST too!

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